The rapid ability to communicate is critical to success in combat. I remember in my first combat tour in Vietnam in 1965 that because of the oppressive heat the battery life was not good. We had to check our batteries before going on an operation. Even though our enemy didn’t speak our language, by tuning in our frequencies when they began to hear our radio operators doing radio checks to see if the batteries were OK; this was an indication that we were about to launch on an operation. So their standard operating procedures was to move their location right away in case we were coming against them. So indirectly we were communicating our intentions and so had to stop doing that. We can intentionally communicate and also we can unintentionally communicate things to our enemy by our actions. The demons watch us closely and anticipate our future behavior by what comes out of our mouth or by our body language and set up ambushes. Have you ever decided to take a certain route to the store and then on the way you turned and went another way to your destination? After the turn you wondered why you did that. God orders the steps of a righteous man. So He on your behalf counters satan’s tactics for our benefit knowing what our enemy plans to do when you have started your day in prayer and put your plans in His capable hands. Prayer is one of our very best spiritual tools. How often do you pray?


Six of us went to High Valley Cemetery Friday morning of Memorial Day Weekend to put the small flags on the graves of our fallen comrades. As we sweep off the flat grave stones looking for the names on our list of veterans who had served in war, I found it fascinating reading what families had paid to have engraved on those stones beyond just the name and date of birth and death. Very often their military service: the war, a particular unit, and their rank! Also quite common a scripture verse or white cross marking them as having made the most important decision of their lives. I found myself wondering about each of them. Some were surrounded by other family members in death. Some all alone. I wondered about the coming fellowship we can enjoy in eternity as part of our Heavenly Father’s growing family. Would all those whose graves we marked with a flag, be part of that critical fellowship? Or, did many turn their back on the finished work of Christ while alive and join the damned in hell? To become a saint is a free gift. Jesus Christ purchased that gift by his terrible death at Calvary by taking our punishment for our sins. He became a curse for us. (Galatians 3:13) He is the gate way to eternity. Those who freely chose to ignore and reject this wonderful atoning work at his first coming, will experience the second death, the Lake of Fire at his Second Coming. A lot was on my mind as I wandered around the Cemetery. Certainly there was a sharp contrast between headstones. Some were very stark. Others told quite a story. Many families do struggle in this life leaving little money for engraving a headstone. So many stories wait to be shared in Heaven. One veteran on our list had no headstone. It was noted he was buried next to a particular person. I have no friends or family in that cemetery. But I expect to meet some of those veterans in Heaven. Sadly some I won’t meet. I have joined the fellowship of the Redeemed. But more it seems choose to reject this precious Gift of Salvation than accept it. Look at the gleefull who joyfully swim in the cesspool we call life. The world grows darker and darker. It grieves me when I meet a living veteran, and there is no indication in our conversation, that he is the least interested in spiritual matters. No indication he has chosen the good path over the broad way that leads to destruction! (Matthew 7:13-14) There are some warriors I definitely want to approach when I reach Heaven. Joshua is one I want to talk to. He replaced Moses and led the twelve tribes of Israel across the Jordon into the land of the Giants and was continually at war to take the Promised Land away from those evil people full of demons that Satan had seeded in their path because of the promise God made to Abraham 400 years earlier. Joshua said: “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” Joshual 24:15. He was a man’s man. Someone every veteran should want to seek out in Heaven. Is your salvation assured? If not why not make it so today? (Hebrews 4:1)