Chaplain VFW Post 683
1013 E. Sanders Road
Ellensburg, Wa 98926 March 1, 2019

Dear National Commander,

I write you a proposal for a monthly column in the VFW Magazine. Is this needed? Napoleon Bonaparte famously said: “The moral is to the physical as three to one.” Across our nation we see a clash of values to control our nation. This fight effects all veterans. We should engage in this battle in our monthly magazine in a more direct way. Our members for the most part have a Christian world view. Most may not express it that way but they do. This is why we are “an exceptional nation” among the countries of the world. Our monthly meetings open and close in prayer. We stop at the half way point to pray for our orphans. Christian values are at the heart of what we do.

There is a great book published in 2015 titled: GOD AND CHURCHILL We see in this book that Churchill’s world view made all the difference in England’s ability to hold out against Hitler and the Nazis. God was on England’s side. We have such a leader now in Trump. Faith is critical in our world today. We can’t remain neutral concerning the values that made us great; or we will not survive the present socialist onslaught.

Our magazine needs a monthly Chaplain’s Corner. I have been writing a 400 word column for the last 4-5 years for our Post newsletter. I focus on important military words and concepts, and then look at what the Bible has to say about the topic. See some attached examples.

I believe we need to be stressing the importance of faith in our magazine. This fight is too important for us to stay out of it. The same dark forces behind socialism in Hitler’s day are still behind socialism in our day. They will take us out as they did Europe for a time if strong moral men don’t stand up now and be counted. If we don’t stand up now who will come to our aid if socialism takes us over? We need to be inspiring our members to enter the fight at the local level through letters to the Editors and by other means. Past history is important but future history is too.

I hoping you and the National Chaplain see the importance of such a column, and will direct our Magazine editor to implement this idea. I can supply my past columns and am sure our National Chaplain can obtain other ideas from local post chaplains.


David F. Winecoff