Directions to Trout Lake Solemn Assembly site

When travelling on WA-14 east from I-205 at Vancouver you will travel about 54.5 miles and come to where the Salmon River passes under WA-14. Turn left (north) here onto WA/ALT-141 and travel for 20.7 miles and you will come to Wood Road on the left.  Turn left (west) onto Wood Road and drive for .5 miles until you come to Jennings Road. Turn left onto Jennings and drive for 1.6 miles on a paved road that will turn into gravel. When you have travelled 1.6 miles you will come to a gentle swing of the road to the left….. however if you keep going straight you will enter a dirt road. At this point there is a large fir tree on the right with a blue tag and the numbers 201. Follow this rustic dirt road for a short distance and it will become a rustic road with fresh gravel. Follow the paper plates and arrows.
This drive in is not a smooth road but if you drive slow there should be no problem unless you are in a low rider or sports car. LOL

Coming from the Oregon side of the Columbia River come to Hood River, cross the Hood River Bridge and then turn left (west) onto WA-14. Drive 1.5 miles till you come to WA/ALT 141. Turn right and follow the directions listed above.
Coming from Eastern Washington or Idaho follow WA-14 to the Hood River Bridge… continue for another 1.5 miles past the bridge on WA-14 turning right (north) on WA/ALT -141 and then follow the directions in the first paragraph.
For those traveling from I-5, I-205 or the general Vancouver Portland area this probity is about a 45 minute longer drive. If you are coming from Eastern Washington, Idaho or Central or Eastern Oregon the driving time and distance is fairly comparable to coming to Wind River.
If you miss Wood Road continue on into town. When you come to the small restaurant you can turn left onto Jennings and follow the rest of these directions.
There is one change since last year. As we head in the gravel road marked by the big fir tree with the blue tag and the number 201 proceed directly ahead as before. At one point you will come to a metal gate across the road. At the left is a rough drive into the property of the farm where we will be utilizing their back property. I am planning on having some white paper plates with arrows giving further directions.
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Gil Mulder