This is a term every man with military experience has a good understanding of.  We who enlisted in the military have had both good and bad experiences during our time of service. When we applied ourselves and stayed out of trouble we developed a good reputation. If we had a good experience overall we most likely were recommended for reenlistment. It is harder to get a solid recommendation than many civilians seem to think. Many who never served have the opinion that service life is easier than it really is. You have to get promoted to continue on. Also, at the end of an enlistment period you have to get recommended for reenlistment to continue on. As time arrives to stay in or get out, it’s a really tough decision for some who are recommended to continue on. This life is not for everyone. Most count the days until their release back into civilian life! I have encountered those who really did want to reenlist, but to please a wife, mother, or girl friend got out, and later regretted their decision. There is the widespread believe among liberals that the military life is an easy life; it is not. It is a lifestyle, sadly, most liberals are unwilling to endure.  This word, enlistment, also gives insight into the Christian life. In truth the spiritual life of a disciple of Christ is also a soldier like calling. Only those who enlist, a type of surrender, become a part of this spiritual army. This life also is very challenging: a life of surrender, obedience and service few have the stomach for. The Bible says few, there be, that are willing to walk the narrow path of life in Christ Jesus. (Matthew 7:14) The challenges of such a lifestyle are often: separation, loneliness, hardship, ridicule and rejection are too much for most. Many who enlist don’t reenlist. They become offended (John 6:66)and turn away.  Matthew 13:21 has this to say: “Yet hath he not root in himself, but dureth for a while for when tribulation, or persecution ariseth because of the word (gospel), by and by he is offended.” The scriptures tell us that no one can steal you away from God. But you can climb down out of his hand, turn your back on all He has done for you, and walk away. I have a question to ask. Did you invite Christ into your life and promise to serve him in your youth? If so, where are you in that relationship now? Have you lose that first love (enthusiasm)? This happens to many according to Revelation 2:4. If this has happened to you it’s time to get on your knees, repent, and reenlist.

Restrainer of evil!

Hollywood movies, DVDs and electronic games focus a lot on and seem to promote pure evil. Correspondingly the church age is growing to a close as the age of grace is ending prior to the start of the great tribulation. Churches are rapidly losing their influence on society as the anti-christ spirit grows in power through political correctness, seeker friendly evangelism, name it and claim it materialism to the ruination of Christianity. Most Christians no longer know how to fight sin with a few exceptions. Pure evil is real, burgeoning and not going away. Jesus will have to return to put an end to this growing evil we see at His Second Coming, or all life will perish. Many pastors, and certainly the American culture at large has decreed there is no such thing as sin. Their decree ends the public discussion. Yet, we see that this word “sin” is found 757 times in the Bible. The word “evil” is found 581 times. These words are mentioned in the first and last books of the Bible and every other book in between. Evil is real, and will not go away through any secular efforts of mankind. This is the reason every Christian needs to know how it is effectively restrained. Most of us don’t want to acknowledge its existence. It’s too scary for most. The issue of deliverance from evil spirits scares most people. We want to explain it away. No person who tries to be good wants to write off another human being as evil and unredeemable. The Bible has much to say about avoiding evil. People who do bad things are influenced by hidden forces of darkness (Ephesians 6: 11-12). Hell and the Lake of Fire are where these evil doers are headed, and they want to take us with them. We must learn how to walk on the narrow path discussed in Matthew 7: 13-14, and to stay off the broad path that leads to destruction. There are many passages like this that discuss good and evil. Those who don’t look to the Word of God for wisdom have little or no spiritual discernment. If you belong to God you have access to God’s power to restrain evil and to overcome sin. Where should our focus be in this life? Christ or the World? There is a clear separation going on in this life. Many are on the fence or stepping back and forth across the line of decision. Soon this freedom to choose will come to an end. Revelation 22:11 says this: “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still and he that is holy, let him be holy still.” We can’t fight or restrain evil in the natural realm with human skills. We need the supernatural help of God. Deuteronomy 9:3 and Deut. 28:7 show us as do other scriptures the power needed to prevail against evil and sin. Only supernatural power will do. Does God go before you as a consuming fire? Does He scatter your enemies? If not, surrender to Him. Make Him the LORD of your life. We can become more than conquerors in this life in Christ Jesus.


In military terms, it is a withdrawal or retrograde movement in a direction to get troops out of danger. “Sound the retreat!” Is a command a leader issues when he discovers his unit is in over its head. With proper planning this is not supposed to happen, but intelligence on the enemy is hard to gain, can be faulty and so sometimes it is the only smart decision a leader can make. It is utter folly to have to surrender or fight to the last man for no real benefit. Such an act would be very poor leadership. It is better to withdraw in the face of overwhelming force to live to fight another day. In the spiritual world of Christianity there is a similar term: The Rapture. It is not a popular concept in our generation. According to a recent poll. Only 4 % of the faithful know anything much about the rapture and only 2 % of the pastors ever teach on it. The Bible is a Book of Prophecy. You will find the term, prophet, mentioned 457 times and the word , prophesy, mentioned 238 times. About half the bible prophesies have already come to pass with remarkable exactness. We can expect the remainder to be fulfilled the same way. Scripture confirms scripture and the rapture is talked about in a number of different verses which assures us it will be fulfilled. Many believers today don’t want to think about it, enjoying this world, so explain it away with the contrite phrase: “No one knows the day or the hour.” Well when we see that the world is divided into twenty four hour phases and one side of the world is in one day, the other side in another day which Jesus know as creator when he spoke that phase we see that he was speaking in a riddle. Any serious studier of the world of God knows we can know the season and we are in it now. The bible warns us to watch so that we will not miss the rapture like a “thief in the night.”